Interior Yacht Refit

WDJ Martins Sarl - Interior Design Office since 1981

Our approach is to be friendly and as helpful as possible.

Our design philosophy is to find a balance between the expectations of our customers and the opportunities and constraints presented by the location to decorated. We define the desired spirit, style, and atmosphere. Then we draw a plan of the interior volume so we can discuss with you how best or distribute and arrange the available space to meet the desired functions. We can also guide you in your choice of materials.

We can act as project managers if you choose this service. In the role, we can: prepare and send out requests to tender to potential suppliers, work with you to define a detailed budget, coordinate the work of the different trades, follow the progress of work on-site to monitor the various tasks and signing off the work phases as they are delivered by the main contractor.

We also offer advice on the selection and arrangement of furniture, and the harmonisation of colours, accessories, lighting, and fixtures.